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    China’s growing obsession with Buddhist paintings has transformed life in the historically Tibetan village of Wutun — and sparked local soul-searching about the trade-offs between economic progress and religious faith.
    Until a decade ago, Chinese archaeologists had never conducted major excavations overseas. Now, as China pours funding into Silk Road research, they are quietly transforming our understanding of the ancient world.
    Hollowed out villages populated by aging farmers pose a challenge to the country’s ambitious food security goals.
    Wang Dan
    May 15
    School closures and consolidations are pushing rural families into towns and exacerbating the rural-urban divide.
    When sightings of celestial phenomena surged in China in the ’80s, researcher Liu Yan’s letters helped keep people’s feet on the ground.
    Inspired by marathoner Dick Hoyt, who ran together with his disabled son, a Chinese courier and his son have taken the running world by storm.